Beauty is not just for a woman, men also love smug, they are not in the usual exception of private life, all the elements can increase confidence men, and their private lives are so excited, like on men’s underwear, men can bring passion life.

men wearing underwear

Before selected for their men’s underwear styles, men have to understand is different from men’s underwear fabric texture crucial role for health maintenance men.

1. Cotton, cotton fabrics
Cotton and cotton underwear wearing a soft texture, comfortable, heat, is the first choice for many men choose underwear when. Under normal circumstances, the texture of cotton and cotton underwear is indeed best meet health requirements. However, for people who sweat easily, especially to drive the men, although the absorbent cotton underwear, but not easy to dry, prolonged skin contact with wet clothing, prone to redness, itching.

2. Modal fabric
Modal is a regenerated cellulose fiber, using European beech beating textiles made with a cotton modal soft, shiny silk, absorbent and breathable 50% higher than cotton, therefore, love sweating, men sedentary office in summer The best selection of underwear modal underwear texture.

3. The polyester fabrics
Dr. Shafiq Cairo University School of Medicine found that after years of research, long-wearing polyester and polyester-cotton blended fabrics plus men’s underwear can interfere with normal physiological environment, easily affect male sexual function. Therefore, these synthetic fabrics underwear is not a long-term wearing.

4. Blended stretch fabrics
Stretch fabric is usually blended cotton Lycra or spandex fibers are woven into the mix. Fabric resilient, able to highlight the body lines, and always wash deformation, do not wrinkle. But elasticity is too strong, it will cause pressure on the body skin, over time, will affect the blood circulation, is not conducive to male reproductive health, and therefore not suitable for long-term wear.

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