The rule of the thumb is that men must put on underwear, a clean one hopefully. This assumption though is excluding those who choose commando style as their thing. Having said that, what you wear should be stylish at least in the eyes of that person helping you to remove them. That can only be a woman you are spending a night with. So who should answer the question about what makes an underwear sexy? Whether you are doing boxers, briefs, or trunks you should know what makes your girl weak. Here are some of their suggestions and hopefully it will help you when you go shopping next time.

mens sexy underwear

  1. Boxers

Boxers top our list for the sexy men underwear. Turns out women like boxers because they are classic, though not too crazy and not too showy options. With a variety of boxers in the market nowadays you wonder which one among them do women like the most. Well, looks like most will go for patterns as opposed to solid colors. However, they don’t just like any pattern out there. There are some specific patterns they will go for. Does this sound like you? “I like the navy ones because they are the shortest pair. Seeing a lot of quad from my man when undressing him turns me on and I just can’t keep away from that sensible bright print.” What about this? “I am in love with boxers with the right color and some patterns. It shouts out I’m classy but we can have fun.”

mens sexy underwear

  1. Boxer briefs

Boxer briefs have the length of a normal boxer only that they have different fabrics. They are tighter and therefore, reveals much a man’s kingdom. That’s what many women cited as the reason they like these boxers. They are a real sexy man underwear. The real deal here is definitely the black Calvin Klein. Apparently, women don’t like seeing stains when they are washing your boxer. What they also like about this underwear is the fact that it reveals the masculinity of a man.mens sexy underwear


  1. Briefs

Not so many women are in love with this type because they say this type reminds them of their dads. But even so, there are some women who really like briefs. The reason they give is the fact that David Beckham is doing their adverts. No woman won’t be attracted to his charms. Some love how briefs reveal a man’s butt. They also associate briefs with confident.

mens sexy underwear

  1. Trunks

Trunks are more like boxer briefs only that they have shorter legs. You must have seen Cristiano Ronaldo in them. Not very many women love this underwear but so are just mad with them. They like the fact that it reveals a lot of butts.

mens sexy underwear

So, those are some of the underwear that makes a Sexy man. The next time you are going to shop for one you better know the taste of your girl. Better still tag her along or let her do the shopping.


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