Since sexual intercourse is an integral part of the human being, masturbation also qualifies as one of the most common activities people participate in. This has led to new inventions and innovations making it possible to access improved masturbation toys for both male and female genders.Male masturbation toys come in a wide variety of designs and prices that are suitable for different needs.

male masturbation toys

One of good male masturbation toys known as the pocket pussy male vibrating masturbator has the vibrating feature and comes in different sizes suitable for different penises, and is easy to use. With a cup and the ability to thrust and squeeze the penis, this product will give one the kind of feeling they would get from a real vagina. Apart from being perfect for individual use, the thrusting vibrating pocket pussy male vibrating masturbator can also be used by couples who wish to improve their sexual lifestyle.

VR masturbation cup

The VR masturbation cup, which is a virtual reality sex toy with a motion-sensing cup, a virtual reality helmet, and a mobile application, is one of the toys that give the feel of reality in a virtual world. All the components in the toy work together to provide the best sexual illusion that aids in masturbation. The mobile App provides a pornography game that is 3D enabled, making it possible for one to create an imaginary girlfriend as per one’s desires, and have sex with her in any way or virtual location. The girlfriend can be modified at any given time making it possible to change her skin tone, hairstyle, and shape. The motion sensor in the cup helps in stimulating one’s movements, which is then conveyed to the mobile device and the virtual girlfriend, while the helmet activates the virtual reality aspect of the game and masturbation. For this toy to work, you must activate the app then change it to virtual reality mode before putting your mobile into the helmet to go into virtual reality world.

hand free masturbator

A hand free masturbator is also one of the best sex toys one can use to enhance the sexual pleasure. With amazing features such as a vibration technique that one can customize to his preferred pace and suction cups, these toys are ideal for use at any time and can enhance the sexual experience between couples. Apart from the improved sexual experience in a relationship, pussy vibrating masturbator toys have many other advantages like fulfilling sexual fantasies and reducing the chances of cheating in relationships among others. Their affordability, portability, and convenience make them one of the best gifts that women can get their partners. With the many types available, choose one that suits your partner the best and put a smile on his face.

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