That is the loveliest panties I have ever seen before. Okay, maybe I just like the color of pink very much. I remembered last time I recommended some types of tongs and they are both simple and transparent. But women are both love petty, so I think those simple design cannot satisfy them. And that is why I introduce the gauze lace panties in this time.

Lace Women Tanga

My friend Lucy told me that whether I can help her to find some lovely panties. Because her boyfriend just has a little opinion about her monotonous and solid color panties and he wishes she could wear some sexy and cute intimate apparel to increase their night life. And this, gauze lace panties, is the perfect gift to her. Pink sweet women’s thong t pants gauze transparent sexy temptation lace panties. The gauze lace panties combine with delicate lace and soft material, it made you turn into beautiful and lovely women. I was wondering why ladies love to wear such a type of panties. I like to wear which is simpler, because lace will make me doubt how I should wash them. And my friend just told me some tips of washing some lace clothes and underwear.Lace Women Tanga

First, you need to use a laundry bag. Laundry bag is the indispensable thing in the house. Not only the lace clothes or underpants can be protected when they are washed in the laundry bag, but also some woolen and purified cotton. They will reduce some accident of being out of shape or spoiling. Second, hand washing. If it is impossible, try to wash your underwear by your hands. That will be more clean and safe. And third, use less washing-powder. Washing-power is another reason which can damage clothes fiber, because it has a lot of chemical substances in it.

Lace Women Tanga

Wow! Actually it is very simple for me to protect the gauze lace panties. Now I may also be able to buy this exotic lingerie.

Lace Women TangaLace Women Tanga

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