Truth be told, a lot of the sex toys in the market excludes the clitoris from the stimulations. But, the lelo sona vibrator completely changes this dynamic entirely by focusing on clitoral stimulation alone. I mean, let’s face it, the clitoris is the cheat code to orgasm, and therefore, it does require to be mercilessly stimulated. This is the reason why the lelo sona was manufactured – to stimulate the clit in a way that pulsates down to the deepest membranes, making your entire pussy quake.

lelo sona cruise
lelo sona cruise

So, how does this sex toy work, you ask. Well, here is your answer; the lelo sona cruise not only helps you to climax, but it’s also about sonic pulses. These particular sonic waves stimulates your clitoris in a way that vibrations can’t. The reason being, pulses goes through the deep and sensitive layers of the clitoral tissue, giving you an experience that the traditional stimulations would only dream of giving you. When using it, the toy creates a suction feeling, which is all sonic and not due to the physical parts of the vibrator. I mean, the toy doesn’t even have to make contact with your body to feel it.

The lelo sona is bundled with 8 different settings and is completely waterproof. After you charge it, expect a whole hour of fun with the toy.

lelo sona cruise
lelo sona cruise

What to expect from the lelo sona vibrator

So, this toy is much more developed when compared to other toys. When advertising this toy, it is claimed to be whisper quiet, this is not true, it produces a sound of a small motor whiring; it’s not loud, but relatively quiet. What’s more, this toy works best if you are properly lubricated. It gives you a suction like feeling around the toy’s edges, making a fully sealed system that helps in shooting the sonic waves deep into your clitoris. To get there, you will need to start at a lower intensity, as it allows your body to adapt to how the toy feels. I mean, you can’t just rush right into the strong and intense feeling, you will have to acclimate. Once your body gets used to the new feeling, it will start to yearn for more and that’s when you will move towards your clit. At this time, the toy makes blood rush into your clitoris, giving you an experience that has the ability to drive you crazy.

As my final words on lelo sona, if you are tired of being disappointed by other sex toys, I would highly recommend this toy. The level of stimulation you will get from it is unimaginable, and it will completely ‘knock your socks off’. The toy is safe and is one of the best toys you will ever own, trust me on that.

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