Kids like to imitate adults, especially young girls. They secretly try on their mother’s high heels, a dress and perhaps a lipstick. But one thing is children’s curiosity and fantasizing about being “big“. Kids wearing lingerie is, however, a completely different story. The girls who are wearing bras, make-up and too “adult” clothing are getting younger and younger. The French company Jours Apres Lunes even went as far to create a line of lingerie for children aged 4 to 12 years. There is nothing wrong with a line for children but it is the design of the line and add outraged many parents, not only the conservative ones.

Kids’ Lingerie

The French company which aims to become the number one lingerie brand for children and teenagers defends itself that there are no bras in the line and that the “models” on the add are not wearing high heels, lipstick and similar stuff. Both their line and the add may be legal, however, they are most certainly on the edge because the line itself and the add are not age appropriate no matter what the French company claim. Firstly, the line is targeting an audience that probably should not know what lingerie is and secondly, add sexualizes young girls even if the “models” are not wearing lipstick, high heels, etc.

Kids' lingerie
Kids’ Lingerie

There is nothing wrong by allowing kids to have a say in the selection of their wardrobe. Just like adults, kids feel good about themselves if dressed nice, especially girls. However, this does not mean that they should be given complete freedom in the selection of their wardrobe and much less allowed to wear lingerie that is everything but age appropriate.

Kids’ Lingerie

Lingerie as well as other types of age-inappropriate kids’ clothing has been linked to increased sexualization of girls which, according to the American Psychological Association, can cause low self-esteem or even lead to eating disorders and depression. Parents should be therefore very careful what they allow their daughters to wear and simply say no when it comes to lingerie even if other parents allow it. After all, it is not like they will not be able to wear it when old enough.

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