Kanya Sesser: I Don’t Need Legs to Feel Sexy


Kanya Sesser is a 23-year-old model from Los Angeles. Although she was born with no legs, she always persists in her motto: no legs, no limits. She started modeling when she was 15 and has recently progressed into bikini and lingerie. This pretty and strong woman confidently presents herself in front of the camera. She told the New York Daily News that lingerie modeling is fun and that tells people who she is.

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disable ingerie model

Sesser was born in Bangkok, Thailand and lived in an orphanage. She was adopted and moved to Portland, Oregon when she was five. She motived herself when she was kid. Regardless of her disability, Sesser is good at various sports like surfing, racing, skateboard and wheelchair rugby. Imagine how many great efforts she made to complete all these sports. She never gives up when facing difficulties.

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Sesser could’ve used her wheelchair, but she prefers a skateboard when she goes out, which makes her a great skateboard player. As much as she likes the way she dresses up, usually she prefers no makeup and loves the way she is. Aside from modeling, Sesser is also an athlete, actress, surfer and motivational speaker. She lives her life like other normal people. Now she is training for the 2018 Paralympics and hopefully she can compete on behalf of America. It is amazing that she completes all these things without legs. Kanya has inspired many people so she decided to write a book about her story next year.

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Kanya is not afraid of showing her disability and poses in bras and underwear. She said: ‘I enjoy making money from it and I love showing people what beauty can look like.’ What Kanya did is breaks the boundary of modeling and she wants to tell people that though she is different, she is sexy.

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