As you already know by now, the G-spot is located inside the vagina. If you slip your finger inside there, direct your finger to the upper walls of the vagina, just behind the pubic bone, you will feel an area that swells with excitement. By massaging the G-spot, you will increase the chances of achieving an orgasm. This orgasm will originate from deep inside and will rise all through to your entire body. G-spot orgasm is much deeper and it lasts much longer when compared to clitoral orgasms.

g-spot massage


Apart from the G-spot, there are other spots inside the vagina, mostly referred to as inter-vaginal points. They are pretty sensitive as well and they also play a significant role in G-spot massage. Massaging these spots gently decreases the tightness and tones down the areas that lack integrity, which brings balance to your entire genitalia.

So, when massaging your G-spot, ensure that you have a G-spot stimulator. The stimulator help you explore the tissue. You may or may not understand or feel how the tissue or fail to know how it’s changing, but you will for sure notice the difference in your overall well-being. Just look at changes of your posture, how you generally feel or your overall attitude. I know that many women are often embarrassed to talk about their sexuality, or anything to do with their genitalia, but this is one area where we shouldn’t be embarrassed of. G-spot massage can be the best enhancement that you needed to take your sex life to the next level.

When stimulating the g-spot, there is a deep sense of connection that develops between you abd your partner. There are a lot of emotions and sensations that are involved in G-spot massage. The truth is, massaging her G-spot makes her want to have sex with you badly. The massage increases her libido, which in turn increase her desires, and with her emotions running high, chances are that her love for you will increase and she would, now more than ever, want you to ‘take’ her, wherever she is.

Also, g-spot massage heightens the woman’s sexual awareness, making her more conscious of what she likes thus directing her man to concentrate on certain spots, G-spot being one of them. It’s also through g-spot massage that you will be able to give your pelvic muscles the workout that they needed. What’s more, blood circulation to your vagina will also increase, which may at times counteract the uncomfortable effects during menopause, especially on your genitalia.

A lot of people undermine the power of g-spot massage, may be because they even don’t know that they have a G-spot or they ignore it altogether. As you have seen, massaging your g-spot isn’t only for orgasms only, there are whole other range of benefits.

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