For you, what is beautiful and what is ugly? It seems like everybody loves being slim in the whole life. Do you remember I have said that fashion is not just for slim girl and some girls are not o slim can be the most stylish? I just want to say, some fat girls can be more fashionable than slim girls if they have confidence!

fat fashion lingerie

According to the “Daily Post” reported in 11st May, the blogger Coutney Mina whose blog is popular on the Internet. She did a thing to shock society which has been faced in front of 3.5 million fans. She posted the pics that she is wearing the sexy lingerie at house! And she also wrote a blog passage show how confident she is!

fat fashion lingeriefat fashion lingerie

Coutney said that when she’s home alone, she wears lingerie only, and she will take some pics sometimes. Although these pics are not beautiful and sexy, fat body will show awkward in that sexy lingerie, she insist upon thinking that she’s pretty. She is not upset because of being fat, in the opposite, she will be happy that she can have this body, which is given by her parents!

fat fashion lingerie

Coutney hope these pictures can make some fat people to treat their fat body more positive. She is very happy because she has received a lot of support and she will never cares about those bad comment!

fat fashion lingerie

I am sure not all of women are slim and if you want to find your perfect plus size lingerie, just come to my blog!

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