Each year, one style in particular seems to come back into play in one way or another.  Whether it’s a lace corset or a peekaboo bra, lingerie-inspired clothing is always reemerging and reinventing itself.

This year is no exception as we see it hitting the fashion headlines once again.  Celebrities from Rihanna to Victoria Beckham have been spotted stepping out all over town wearing boudoir-inspired style. Lingerie-inspired looks have persisted on runways and red carpets for quite some time now.  Many high-end designers such as Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior continue to include lingerie-esque elements to their collections.  Last year, Vogue Paris’s cover photo from their “September Issue” also featured a gorgeous sheer black lace lingerie-esque style dress.

Lingerie Outerwear

There’s a fine line between wearing lingerie that’s intended to be worn underneath your clothing and wearing it as an actual fashion statement. When done correctly, incorporating lingerie-inspired trends into your wardrobe can give your everyday look couture cutting-edge.

Like any trend, there are tips and tricks to make it work for you.  Adding lingerie-inspired pieces into everyday fashion can be easy and give your self-esteem a boost of confidence.  When wearing crop tops, bralets, and lacy camisoles it’s important to display them under a jacket to keep them daytime-friendly.  Wearing a jacket with a silky, lacy camisole or a bustier top with pull your look together. Adding a jacket also eliminates the worry of looking like you are wearing your intimates out in public.  This also works for office or low-key settings by showing less skin and buttoning it up a bit.

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