blindfold sex
blindfold sex

A blindfold is one cheap tool that can be used to take sex to the next level, and there are a lot of fun ways that you can use one and enjoy it. Let’s state some facts here; a blindfold provides sensory deprivation, where we say that when you dull one of your senses, the brain temporarily steps in to compensate, allowing to become more sensitive to our other senses stimuli. So when you deprive your partner of sight, his/her scent, touches, sounds and taste are amplified a little, thus helping his/her body to build up arousal and sexual excitement.

In as much as a blindfold may seem harmless, it is super important to discuss it with your partner first for consent and opinion. In fact, this is the very first step towards blindfold sex. If your partner agrees to be blindfolded, be sure to keep talking to her to find out how he/she is doing. And if you are both convinced that you want to engage in blindfold sex, you really don’t have to use anything fancy, just grab what you have – can be a bandana or an eye mask – it doesn’t matter, it will do the trick. Also, whatever you settle on, just ensure that it can cover your partner’s sight completely, but don’t cover her mouth.

Then, surprise your partner. One thing that makes blindfold sex so fun is the fact that you really don’t know what your partner is planning to do next. The not-knowing builds anticipation thus allowing us to tease or be teased in a manner that would be impossible if your sight is on. So, when your partner is blindfolded, why not try to kiss them in unexpected places, something that would be an entirely different experience with your sight on. Doing this will increase the fun as well as sexual excitement. Then make it a restraint. Okay, let’s get something straight here; a blindfold is just a piece of cloth, at the end of the day. So why not make it more fun by using a makeshift restraint to tie her wrists together; I mean, wouldn’t this be super fun? But still, remember to seek consent from your partner about tying her hands together. Also, try role-playing as it will bring the best in you two.

You can also experiment with texture, where you can use things like floggers, feathers, ice cubes, and warm lube. All these items, if used when your eyes are closed would be more exciting. Also, touching your partner’s body with these items will drive them ‘nuts’. Try them and experience them. As an exit strategy, have a safe word. You may either opt for a green, yellow, red system, or just an obscure word that wouldn’t ordinarily be said while having sex. Whichever way, just ensure that you settle for something that you will both understand.

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