How to Shop for Lingerie


Lingerie is more than underwear. It can improve your relation with your partner. Also it can add love and fun. So choosing womens lingerie is very important. Underwear is not just women apparel. It is women’s partner. It does make sense. No matter how many pieces of underwear you invest every year, they are our intimate partner. They can not only adjust your posture, but are great decorations in a unique way.

lingerie shopping guide

As for the material, cotton may be the most comfortable and common material.
It is breathable and natural. It feels differently from other materials. If you prefer youthful and simple lingerie, cotton is a good choice.

lingerie shopping guide

Velvet is another common material used for lingerie. It is elegant and luxurious. It feels so soft, which is better than Lycra. You’ll be surprised to its gorgeousness when decorated with French lace or Swiss embroidery. The elasticity of polyester, nylon and spandex is not as good as Lycra’s but each of them has their own hygroscopicity, shape retention and elasticity. For example, these halter printed bra sets have excellent elasticity so they do well in retaining shape.

lingerie shopping guidelingerie shopping guide

According to different seasons, occasions, habits or matches, you may have at least 5 to 7 pieces of underwear every year. Try different styles or materials until you find the most suitable one or more. Try on the pieces you like.

lingerie shopping guide

Another great tip is to look online beforehand. Personally I find it hard to make a decision when shopping in a store. Thus that usually cost me much time and I probably come back with nothing. So if you are like me, browse those brands online in advance. Now many brands have their own websites. You can look up the sizes, designs and reviews from those people who share your size and preference.

lingerie shopping guide

Set a maximum and minimum budget. Once you come into a lingerie store, you might be dazzled by a variety of underwear. Setting a reasonable budget will help you narrow down the range so you can focus on the ones you really want.

lingerie shopping guide

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