After a long day, you and your woman now decide to enjoy each other’s genitals. You may too good in this but may I tell you a secret, your hands are the most important body parts during sex and they play the biggest role in ensuring that a woman achieves an orgasm. In fact, women look at your hands when you are caressing them. So, how well you use your hands on their bodies might tell them more about you. What am trying to say is that your hands are your strongest sexual tools. In this article, I will be trying to lay out some tips on how you could use your hands and give your women the night of their lives;


Thigh play – if you didn’t know, an orgasm is a series of involuntary muscular contractions, and it can be triggered in different ways. Some of this muscles are found in the woman’s inner thighs, meaning that if they are stimulated the right way, they can be a super strong organic platform. The inner thighs are very erogenous, and when you touch them, she will scream with pleasure. So, when stroking them, maybe start of with your fingers, and move them slowly up her thighs. And if she likes it rough, consider giving her inner thighs slight slaps. This will get her heart thumping before you move to her clit.

Full frontal contact – you should also consider stirring more anticipation by holding the palm of your hand over her vulva, and while it is completely covered, press against it. Keep your hand there for a longer period of time. Given the warmth in your palm, she will start to wiggle, asking for more.

Stroke it – while using lube, run your wet fingers up and down, from her perineum to her clit, while dipping your finger inside her vagina every now and then. While doing this, always let the middle finger take the lead while your thumb strokes her clit. When you do this, her breath will deepen, which will in turn open up her body. All these are signs that she is feeling it and that she is super happy. Remember to pay attention to her reaction at all times.

Steal her moves – this is a good one; always encourage your woman to touch herself and then steal her moves. It’s my belief that when a woman touches herself, she is communicating with you. Also, women tend to communicate verbally by either talking to you or making sounds. She can also communicate with you with her body. So, always listen and watch all her subtle movements, quivers, tension, release of tension, hips rising toes pointing, or holding of breathe. So basically, try to learn her body and you will have the time of your life.

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