sexy lingerieJust one question: how to pick the right shaping lingerie?

In my opinion, if you need to buy lingerie, I recommend you should go to some store where is professional for women to buy bra sets and lingerie. You should please the lingerie staff to help you to find the lingerie which is suitable for you. Special to notice your body shape.

A professional sale is very important that she can help you to choose your right lingerie. You just cannot take the same size which you have in old time, you should measure your size again. And the other point is do not measure your size in different size table. Every table has their own size so it is impossible suitable for you.

When you are choosing the materials of your sexy lingerie, you should choose the lingerie which has a good ventilation property and good elasticity. As a lingerie, it should be comfortable when you are wearing them to do everything.

Body sculpting underwear mainly by virtue of its three-dimensional cut and design, with high-quality fabrics and accessories, make the wearer comfort and achieve fitness purposes. If you wear lingerie but you feel uncomfortable and cannot move easily, that is the lingerie which is not suitable for you. Maybe you are choosing the wrong size of your bra!

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