Women can orgasm due to many reasons, and one of them happens to be from breast and nipple stimulation. To be honest with you, being a guy who is capable of making a woman cum even without putting your hands or penis into her panties can be a big win for you. Therefore, maybe investing a little more time to master the art of breast massage is exactly what you need. Below are some of the techniques that you can use to master breast and nipple’s massage;

nipple massage

Warm and lube your hands – it’s important to ensure that your hands are soft and exfoliated of dead skin before you touch your woman’s breasts. Just prep yourself in advance by rubbing a mixture of scrub, salt and baking soda together in your hands for some time, then rinse them and apply lotion to moisturize. You should also ensure that they are warm before you start massaging the boobs, so as to ensure that your touch feels pleasurable right from the beginning.

Get into the right position first – just lean against the headboard of your bed, with your legs parted and your knees bent. When in this position, tell her to lean on your chest. Tell her to relax and that you are about to do a special massage on her. Then reach her breast. Ensure that you go underneath her arms instead of over them. Also, ensure that you spend a little more time kissing, caressing and holding her. Next, pour some oil, body cream or even lotion on your palms, and start caressing her boobs from the underside.

nipple massage

Rub the right way – cup her breast and wrap your fingers around the breasts’ fullness and then squeeze gently. Then begin to massage the boobs slowly and gently with your hands rotating all around the entire surface. You should start gently and then increase your grip as your progress.

Get a pinch – pinching her nipples facilitates blood flow and arousal. Start by stroking the nipples gently with your thumb, and then place it in the middle of your thumb and index finger and apply some pressure. Rotate the nipples while continuing to tease her body with your mouth and hands.

Make her feel kneaded – you should massage her breast in the same manner that you would knead dough. Begin slowly and gently, and when about to increase the firmness and intensity, check with her first. The slow grind motion will stimulate more senses.

Whisper sexy shit in her ear – you should stimulate both her mind and breast by speaking softly into her ears. Communicating while massaging her breasts stimulates her brain – which is her largest sex organ, and it also helps to remove mental hang-ups that might be suppressing her orgasmic ability.

Use your mouth – ensure that you take the massage a notch higher by kissing her neck as you rub her tatas. This move stimulates two erogenous zones at a go, and will either have beg for the dick or send her to climax.

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