The thing is, when most men are feeling horny and are alone, they usually masturbate. And while is never good, especially when you compare it to normal sex, it usually relieves the urges and delivers an enormous feeling of relaxation afterwards. If you do this for a while, it ends up becoming predictable and a little monotonous. After all, you are using your hand to stimulate yourself, and if am being honest, it’s never as good as having someone else do it for you. For this reason, more and more men are adopting a homemade pocket vagina for stimulation.

how to make a fake vagina


As this vaginas are made with various materials that feels and looks like a real vagina, they deliver an exciting and sensuous feeling. I mean, they make masturbation even more rewarding. But the problem is, buying a fake vagina might be expensive, and that’s why am going to show you a way on how you can make a fake vagina that will do the same job as the one from the store. As there are several way ways and materials that you can use to make the fake vagina, am going to show you how to make a vagina from a towel.

So, you will need a hand towel – that’s for sure. Also, you will need a latex glove and a rubber band. Then, fold the towel to make a narrow tube and place the glove over it until the cuff hangs over the end. Then fold the hand towel over the glove and stretch the gloves cuffs over the towel and hold it with the rubber band. Having done that, you should have rubber hole that’s slightly tight, which after you soak it in lube, it will be able to deliver some of the strongest stimulations ever.

There is also another way that you could use towel, but this time, instead of folding, you will roll it. The items needed will be the exact same. So, to create a hole that is of the same size as your penis, roll the towel on a tube or something to ensure that you create the perfect diameter. After that, start wrapping the gloves cuffs around the towel edges to hold it in position. Roll the towel around the tube until it’s completely wrapped. Then pull out the tube and wrap the rubber band around the edges to prevent the towel from unfurling. Lube it and knock yourself out.

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