mammary intercourse
mammary intercourse

One thing I can assure is that there is more to sex than we all assume. There are several ways that both you and your partner can enjoy sex without penetration. I know what you are thinking; why, you ask, would you even consider to forgo the typical no-pant act for a more seemingly adolescent ‘dance’. Well, there are various reasons, actually, but the most important is that it is more fun and safe. There are various ways you can enjoy yourself without actually doing it. As a matter of fact, you even don’t need to take your clothes off to enjoy, as it can be achieved when you are fully dressed. To help prove my point, I have included a number of ways in which you can be sexual without involving penetration, normally referred to mammary intercourse.

  • Frottage – this is a method that doesn’t involve the mixing of fluids, and it has low pregnancy rate. It can be an extremely intimate bonding experience for both lovers. This method can not only help the men to achieve orgasm, but it also helps in clitoral stimulation in women.
  • Serious make-out session – a make-out session with your partner is super sexy and can be very satisfying and intimate. While making out, you can stimulate the sensitive areas with toys or hands or even massage your partner’s non-genital areas. Or you can choose to kiss until your lips are swollen. Whatever you decide to do, you will have the best time.
  • Skype sex – for those in a long-distance relationship, this is for you. You don’t have to be in contact with your partner’s body to have fun. Thanks to mammary intercourse techniques, you can enjoy sex and have a satisfying and meaningful sexual relationship. Technology such as FaceTime and Skype helps you with this, of course.
  • Sex toys – you can find a sex toy that would help you get a multitude of sensations. The good thing about this is the fact that you can use sex toys solo as well as when you are with your partner. You can use these toys to stimulate yourself without having to enter them in your vagina. Using toys prevents you from getting pregnant or even contracting STIs; what’s better than this?
  • Breast and nipple play – there are people who can achieve orgasm through stimulating the breast and nipple in particular. It may take a while and not everyone can do it, but hey, with total patience and foreplay, you may even surprise yourself. Just massage your nipples and breast with your hands, mouth or with sex toys.
  • Tantric sex – this is all about creating an intimate and intense moment. All you have to do is to breathe and meditate together while focusing on sensations that come from stimulation, oral sex or even massage. If you do this correctly, you can achieve orgasm through breathing and meditation alone.

So basically, if you add follow all these practices, you will for sure be taking mammary intercourse game to the next level. Just try it and see what I mean.

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