Surprisingly, it’s quite a common question to be asked on Quora that”What sex toys my wife/husband/partner will like?”


Honestly, it’s kinda shocking to me that someone would like to ask some random foreigners online rather than take it to his/her partner. So, as a sex educator, I am going to show you step by step to choose your very first couple sex toy.


1.Do your research

You might already know the benefits and the incredible pleasure that a proper sex toy can bring. But, in couple sex that is not just about yourself.  How to introduce sex toys to your relationship can be a big big problem. So, in order to introduce it, explain it, suggest it, you definitely need to learn the basic knowledge first. Such as, “What are the benefits of sex toys?” “How many types of female/male orgasm” “What material they used to make sex toys?”

The effort you made can help you figure out what sex toy you want to introduce and having a good level of knowledge of it will help to ease him/her. However don’t do the explanation too much which make it looks like kind of show off.

2.Bring that question straight to your partner at the right time

As I mentioned before, this is definitely a question that you should ask your dearest one. I strongly advise you only bring this idea when you’re in a stable relationship. Start with an idea of making him/her feel more pleasure(can be wrong for such a consideration) will be much better received. Then try shopping online together as a good opportunity to discuss the products you like and allow you to gauge his/her reaction.


3.Make it clear of what you two both want

Sex toys for couples can have a different feature such as some are specifically for man/woman(cock rings, penis sleeves, remote control egg vibrator…), some can be win-win(vibrating cock rings, wearable vibrator…), some are just helping you to place your body more comfortable(sex furniture). Find out what types of stimulation you want or on what situation you would like to use can help.


4.Find a safe online sex toys store

Perhaps making a date of going to a local offline adult toys shop is a rough move if your partner is kinda beginner. So what you need is a safe and professional sex toys store like us. A good online sex toys seller should not only offer safe and cheap products but also respect customers’ privacy with a mature discreet shipping system.

We own a long-term experience in selling sex toys on of the biggest international e-commerce sites) With huge and strong support on shipping and retailer selling products, we’re providing customers with low-price and high-quality sex toys all over the world.


All in all, sex toys are not only a bonus part of sex. It definitely can be an enhancement, even a new peek of it. Go and find your favorite one right at

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