Underwear is one of the most important pieces in men’s sportswear. However, most men underestimate the importance of good sports underwear. The right underwear is essential to provide g proper support and comfort while exercising.  Here are some points that you should take into accounts when you are choosing men sports underwear.


breathable underwear


When it comes to underwear for sports, the breathability of the underwear is the most things we should consider. Because sweating during work out is important for your body, it can make things quite uncomfortable in the groin area. Breathable underwear allows airflow from the skin surface to the next layer of fabric, so o moisture is trapped.

breathable underwear

High-Quality Elastic

Good sports underwear should be made from the high-quality elastic material. Working out can be intense. The last thing one needs to worry about is whether their work out underwear is going to tear. High-quality elastic sports underwear enables you to be comfortable even through an intense workout session.

breathable underwear

Two-Way Stretch

Two-way stretch sports underwear gives you freedom of movement during exercise. It enables the fabric to stretch both vertically and horizontally, allowing the underwear to adopt with your body movement.

breathable underwear


Sports underwear should be made of long-lasting materials that are designed to withstand a lot of pulling and stretching. This ensures you don’t have to waste your money buying a new pair every so often.

Groin Protection

It is extremely important to protect your groin area while working out. Suffering a groin injury while working out can be extremely painful and may take a while to heal. The best sports underwear should have supportive pouches that protect your groin area.

breathable underwear


And finally, gone are the days when men’s underwear needed to be just practical. The men’s sports underwear industry has evolved and added focus to fashion and comfort. Pick up the underwear you love can make you feel confident. There is a huge variety of sports underwear on Secrexy, and you can choose one of them according to your preference.

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