This work is extremely important after sex, otherwise it may seem like a mortal disease

Often people get to sleep after sex. This is due to low energy. But this habit usually takes into a life of mortal disease.

How important is a real relationship for a happy lifetime

Doctors say that it is very important to keep up cleanliness after having sex. And infrequently people ignore this.

For that reason ignorance, people get urinary : tract infections, sexually given diseases, blisters, irritation as well as fungal infections.

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What to do immediately after sex

– it is important to go to the bathroom most. Because of this, any microbes that comes near the urethra due to sexual intercourse are effortlessly wiped.

Learn about sex similar things that people shy away from wondering a doctor

– Cleaning is important. Clean yourself with waters or tissue paper. Mop and stay dry. If you use the sex toy like rabbit dildo, don’t forget to clean it too.

instructions Always wear clean lingerie. Make a rule of wearing underclothing everyday. Wearing an undergarment for long periods can lead to microbes.

Nowadays, there are sexual personal hygiene wipes in the market. Therefore , work with sanitary wipes or sex-related hygiene wipes.

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