fashion tongs

According to the New York Times, the epitome of the thong – once the sexy underwear – young women to drop, the more they choose full coverage, often high-waisted pants (also known as granny panties).

“To be honest, men are into girls in T-shirts and white underwear,” said 35-year-old Daphne Javitch, owner of Ten Undies, an underwear label that specializes in full-coverage bottoms.

Research firm NPD group to back up such claims, the report said sales thong has been reduced by 7%, in the past year, and sales and more comprehensive style are up to 17%.

Although the majority of mainstream lingerie brands are slow to embrace this more cover to look, there are a few small brands have sprung up very happy to fill this gap.

“The purpose of most underwear is to attract a man,” said Bayless Julia, the 22 year old co-founder of boutique clothing and underwear to me and you, told the New York Times. “For us, this is not even a consideration. This is your underwear to wear exactly for you, and maybe no one will see it, maybe you will hang it on Instagram and everyone together, you know shared.”

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