Time for summer, today we are looking at some more of the focus of the beautiful underwear!

These are our choices and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

summer hot lingerie

Our first choice is something a bit special from the Banggood underwear. These are from the handmade silk thin edge and a lovely soft lace; really make them stand out frivolous underwear. Dark pink is so beautiful.

Two is another pair of briefs Handmade, from the design; the guerrillas directly buy a geisha. We choose from luxury stretch satin and black mesh elastic and frilly underwear complete orchid girl. You’ll find a little sexy cut in the back and we love to print with all the orchids, making this perfect summer. You can see it from Secrexy Lingerie online.

summer hot lingerie

Select some of the three is a real boon from the Wolbar simple daily. The floc is very lacy and black and white and we love just look at these briefings will feel almost rejected. They are priced at 3.28 pounds so they are very suitable for everyday wear and they fit from small to large. You can buy from Banggood Lingerie online.

Our fourth choice is another daily from the short style, and suitable for a variety of sizes from 8 – 18. We love the lace leaf print it all ends up with these shorts and a small bow tie in front, making them really pretty.

Our final choice of things is something special from BELLE shell fashion. Clementine karma is away from the luxurious silk and lace France put forward. We love these shorts how tied in the back, a very sexy incision. Quality is absolutely second to none; they are suitable for a large.

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