Do you know how to wear your bra?


Do you know how to wear your bra

You really have a right way to wear your bra? There are five common mistakes may you have! Check if you have these mistakes and change it right away!

Mistake 1:
When girls turn fat or slim, they always only change their bra size but not include the bra cup. Just get into the fitting room one more time if your body has some changes.

Do you know how to wear your bra

Mistake 2:
When you have worn your bra for a while, the bra band may looser than the old times. So you can see the band dropping all the time, if this situation is showing up, you may take some new bra and do not wear the loosen bra again and again!

Do you know how to wear your bra

Mistake 3:
You may think a set of bra set can be worn in two days. I can tell you no matter what kinds of bra sets, you should not wear it in two days! That is not about the personal clean but it is about the shape of the bra set. The body temperature will make your bra not in the shape! So, just change your bra once a day!

Do you know how to wear your bra

Mistake 4:
It is bad to wear your bra when you are sleeping! We all know wearing underwear to bed not so comfortable, long-term effect will oppression breast lymph glands, so the toxin produced here difficult to discharge, adverse health. If you really cannot sleep without your lingerie, I recommended that wearing comfortable and stress-free underwear vest at least.

how to wear bra

Mistake 5:
The same bra set cannot match your different kinds of clothing. You should have some knowledge about which kinds of lingerie is suitable to some special kinds of clothing.

Do you know how to wear your bra

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