If you haven’t heard of the term corset, then you are surely living under the rock. 2017 saw a strong comeback of corsets.Corsets have remained popular throughout the history of fashion. With each decade & generation interpreting corset fashion to another level of awesomeness. Corsets have been used as a sexy shapewear lingerie that one wears underneath but modern day description of corsets is all about enhancing the killer curves. The ultimate aim of the corset is to give your torso an hourglass shape, support & shape for the breasts. Constructed with a flexible (stretchable) fabric, supported by steel rods which aim to clinch your waist and accentuate your hips. A corset can be overbust or underbust, worn underneath or above the clothes. The plethora of styles, a corset is a must accessory every woman should have in her wardrobe.

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Clenching That Waist

Women have been clenching their waist for centuries right from as early as the 1500s in order to achieve a tiny waist and shapely hips. The main reason why corsets have been so in-trend and loved by all is due to its ability to create an hourglass body shape. Last year the corset trend did a comeback with none other than Kim Kardashian flaunting her waifish like tiny waist on her social media handles. Soon the sexy shapewear, corsets took over the world of fashion. Soon after the market was flooded with different types and styles of cheap corsets — Celebrities started coining a term now well known as “Waist Training”.

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So what exactly is waist training? While some choose to refer to it as Waist Taming. When you wrap your body with a corset it pulls the ribs together, rearranging the internal organs to give an illusion of a compressed waste. While the effects of waist training are semi-permanent, celebrities have started the trend of using corsets during exercise. Waist training can also improve your posture. Waist training can be very beneficial for new moms. It helps to compress the waist, pulling all your skin together to create a well-defined shape to your torso. The last thing you want to see is your stomach shaking like a piece of jelly. For this purpose, More than the corset variant choosing

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So if your looking for some temporary results try on a corset for an evening. It is sure that waist trainers have no lasting effect however they do make you look slimmer. But corsets can’t replace fitness however they can enhance your body shape and curve. With some level of discomfort – The sexy shapewear, corsets will help you achieve a temporary solution for waist taming.


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