Women garments range from comfortable to luxurious. Your choice of fabric depends on the function that you want it to have. No one wants to work out in the gym wearing a fabric that sticks and, oh dear, gets caught in the rear area when you start to sweat. Talk about undergarment fabric mismatch, huh? In choosing the right fabric, you have to know how the fabric would benefit you, instead of decreasing your level of comfort, and worse, promoting infection.

silk panties


This fabric is highly-recommended for everyday use as it is known to prevent humidity and moisture build-up in the skin. Yeast is known to grow in all places damp and dark, but with the use of cotton panties, yeast growth is inhibited. This lightweight fabric makes movement easier as it moves along with you.

silk panties


Same as cotton, this lightweight fabric is great for keeping moisture in control hence making it an ideal fabric for your regular workout sessions. These do not require high maintenance when it comes to caring. However, with its ability to shoo away the moisture, it tends to pile up the heat that it has absorbed making you feel uncomfortable especially when on days that bring about the sun’s scorching heat.

silk panties


A lady who values elegance wears it outside and inside. By inside, I mean literally, beneath the blouse and pants or skirt. Sure, its metaphorical meaning would point towards the personality which is important, too! How else would you feel elegance entirely when you’re only wrapped with it? Anyway, here comes the fabric that speaks the language of elegance by its look and feels. Silk panties are breathable because like fabrics mentioned previously, they take in the humidity and dry up. This shiny, shimmery, fabric is a classic material that has always been known due to its rarity and price that, well, adds more value to lingerie.

 silk panties


Polyester fabrics are synthetically made and possibly combined with other material. Panties made out of this fabric are lightweight, resistant to shrinking and sun rays. Arguably, women complain about the fabric not being able to give off a feeling of luxury, comfort, and happiness like the usual fabric they prefer.

silk panties

When in the lingerie section trying to find the ideal panties to buy, think about your personal preferences. Which of these are the most convenient for your lifestyle? Take note that no matter how pretty and colorful this section may be, you have to be smart in getting not only the pretty ones but also those which fabric would suit you the most. On a superficial view, underwear is always categorized with a woman’s elegance and yes, sexiness. However, there is always one quality in a woman that is clearly observed even in the simple decision of which panties to buy—their ability to make smart decisions. Surely, no one likes to pretend to be comfortable when they are not, especially when it comes to their underwear, so make it a point to choose the material that honestly suits you. You know what they say, smart is the new sexy.

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