It may seem to many women like no big deal. After all, a bra is just a bra, right? However, the reality is quite the opposite because wearing the wrong bra can have nasty effects over time. It is a known fact that a woman’s breast changes size 5 to 6 times throughout her life. So finding or using the right bra on each stage is a totally different process from the previous, and many women would end up with bad-looking breasts due to the wrong decision bra.

Tips for A Better Look and Breast

Special occasions

There is nothing like a lace embroidery gather bra for that special encounter. Just remember that these kinds of bras are great only for those moments, not for daily use. This is because their design is inspired by the fashion intent and not necessarily by the need to meet their functionality.

Lace Embroidery Gather Bra


A sports bra has a main goal: limiting total breast movement. If the bra you are wearing doesn’t accomplish this, you may have problems such as back, neck or shoulder pain and premature breast sagging. A silver fiber bra can be the best fit for this.

Plus Size BraDaily use

You can be part of many women that get home in the evening without the urge and stress of getting rid of their bra. T-shirt bras are definitely the best for everyday use. Wired or non-wired and padded or not are the choices you have for this type of bra. In case you want to look awesome without compromising comfort, a push-up bra is also recommended for a daily wearing.

Plus Size BraParty dresses

We all have events to attend from time to time such as weddings, dinners, family reunions, etc. There are lots of choices here, from a self-adhesive bra, popular to be worn with strapless and backless dresses to a triangle bra that is designed for fashion events. You also have lace trim bras for your not-so-high-end gatherings but formal enough to impress.

Lace Trim BraThree types of bras that help shape your breasts

Plus size bras are made for women with natural big breasts. This bra embraces the breasts and lifts them up, giving a great look and great comfort. Gone are the days where shopping for plus size bras was a complete challenge. Nowadays you can find hundreds of models at shopping centers or even more online.

Plus Size Bra

Lace trim bras are designed to be beautiful. Just as the plus-size one, they lift up the breasts and most of them are elasticated at the edges for extreme comfort. Adjustable straps help you fit better. As its name states, a delicate lace trim is always present in these bras.

Anti Sagging Bras

Anti-sagging bras are engineered for enhanced lift and shaping. They are highly recommended when a women’s breast begins to lose firmness, or if your breasts don’t fit tight and comfortably in another type of bras. As previously mentioned, sports bra or silver fiber bras are the best choices to avoid sagging.

Anti Sagging Bras

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