Apart from the great feeling that we all feel after achieving an orgasm, there are a lot more benefits that are attributed to orgasm – most of the are health benefits – and are probably unknown to most.


Whether you are reaching the climax alone or with your partner, orgasms do help with all kinds of things, such as lowering heart attack risks, lowering stress levels or giving your skin a natural glow. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits in detail;

  • After achieving an orgasm, you tend to feel closer both to your partner and other people in your social group. So, the oxytocin produced during an orgasm plays several roles that involve your mood, which is why you find that you tend to the need to snuggle with you partner after sex, every time. Not only sexual partners, the oxytocin also promotes the ‘befriend’ response when you are in your social circle, strengthening the social bond in the process.
  • Older men who achieve orgasms has a low chance of getting prostate cancer. Having regular and frequent ejaculations helps men to lower the risk of prostate of cancer significantly. Reason being, the male reproductive system fares best when it’s used regularly, and the prostate is part of that system. So, the more the ejaculations, the better of the man would be.
  • In women, orgasms helps in regulating the menstrual cycle – regular orgasm boosts immune health, circadian health and mental health. Since the ovaries are super circadian, they have melatonin receptors and also responds to inflammation negatively. So, basically, by having regular orgasms, a woman is able to maintain her innate rhythms and lowers inflammation, which I turn fosters regular cycles.
  • Orgasms helps in boosting fertility – according to a recent study, sex triggers certain physiological changes in a woman’s body, increasing her chances of getting pregnant. This happens even when a woman is outside her ovulation window. This means that orgasms brings benefits to any point in a woman’s fertility cycle. Also, vaginal and cervical contraction during orgasms helps to draw sperms in, increasing the chances of the woman becoming pregnant.
  • Another benefit is that orgasm helps during the flu season. Orgasms increases the levels of leukocytes (white blood cells) which helps in protecting your body from infectious disease and illness among men. And in women, the T cells are increased which helps a woman’s body to fight off invaders that causes illness.
  • Orgasms helps in keeping your brain sharp – the hormones that are released during an orgasm sends a ton of messages throughout your body, which increases brain activity.
  • Orgasms helps to reduce stress levels
  • Orgasms benefits your heart as well.
  • They can also boost your self esteem
  • And lastly, orgasms can help to prolong your life.

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