Buy best vibrators from SecrexyPicking your vibrators could be a serious thing like dating.

As a beginner to masturbation, you’re sure to go through a few bad options before stumbling across that special one. However, it definitely will be easier with a helpful vibrators guide. Learn everything you need about vibrators, including the types and material, the tips for using them, so you can be prepared to explore your deepest secret.


Types of Vibrators

Bullet Vibrators / Egg Vibrators

An egg- or bullet-shaped vibrating item for vagina insertion with wired or wireless control. The most popular choice for a first toy and ideal for couples, these miniature vibrators are built for precision and their name comes from their resemblance to spritzer bullets in size and shape.

egg vibrator


Offers direct and intense clitoral stimulation, a good choice as a first sex toy.

Small and discreet which perfect for popping in the handbag(some even have a special look like lipstick)


Not as strong as other vibes; Usually require batteries




G-spots Vibrators

These curvy vibes designed to stimulate the most sensitive part of the vagina which known as “G-spot” during penetration. It usually features an upward curve and a girthy head to ensure maximum stimulation for that sensitive spot.

g-spot vibrator


Easier to find the G-spot for a vagina orgasm.

Come with many different speed settings and functions for intense internal thrills.



Not as versatile as other vibes




Rabbit Vibrators

The rabbit vibrator was named after the shape of the clitoral stimulator, which resembles a pair of rabbit ears. Two-pronged for stimulation of both the vagina and the clitoris simultaneously.

rabbit vibrator


Offer dual stimulation for multiple erogenous zones at the same time.

Multiple motors offer increased power.


Usually the most expensive type of vibrators.

Can be overwhelming if you’re a beginner or just want one type of stimulation.




Realistic Vibrators

These realistic sex toys are shaped to anatomically resemble a man’s penis. The long and thick shaft can perfectly fill you up.

realistic vibrator Pros:

A multitude of sizes can be chosen.

Looks and feels more life-like than other vibes, some even have heated function.


Usually the most expensive type of vibrators.

Can be overwhelming if you’re a beginner or just want one type of stimulation.




Massage Wand Vibrators

Usually be seen in the porn. Most powerful vibrations sex toys.

wand vibrator


Extremely powerful. (when I say extremely, you’re better to trust me )

Can be powered by mains or rechargeable for ease of use


As a plug-in powered vibrators you need to be near a power outlet in order to use them – and of course, they’re never waterproof.

Not designed for internal stimulation.




Material of Vibrators

Picking the right material for your vibrator is nearly as important as deciding what type you want. The vibrator’s material affects countless factors including its price, how you use it, and even its life-span.


Latex, skin-safe rubber, jelly rubber

These vibes are squishy and fun. Usually, they are low priced and offer more special features than plastic vibrators. Rubber-based vibrators are firm enough for easy penetration, but they also have a little flexibility for increased comfort. They tend to be simple to clean.


On the other hand, rubber-based sex toys are usually extremely thick, which weakens vibrations.



The plastic vibrators are hard and hygienic, rigid ABS plastic is a favorite material in vibrating bullets and classic vibes. These vibrators are popular for their low price, vivid colors, and an extremely smooth surface. Plastic is a firm material that easily transfers vibrations, which lead to more powerful stimulation. Also, it’s easier to clean and maintain.


On the downside, plastic vibrators tend to be very basic designs with little to no special features. Most feature a relatively weak motor that can wear out quickly with heavy use.



Silicone is probably the most popular material used in sex toys. First, silicone is considered one of the healthiest materials, is championed for its non-porous finish and hypoallergenic properties. It also has the benefits such as easy to clean, feels fantastic and lasts a long time. Silicone sen toys can be firm, flexible or rigid and are so long-lasting. Although silicone vibrators do cost more than average, it’s definitively a big bang for your buck in the long run.


But be careful they can be damaged if they come into contact with silicone-based lube or other silicone toys, so stick to water-based lubricants.



Metal has all the qualities needed for a brilliant sex toy. It’s non-porous, waterproof, skin-safe, compatible with all lubricants and extra durable. With their ultra-smooth surface and stylish good looks, metal vibrators not only look good but they pack a powerful punch. The firmness of metal makes it excellent for transmitting the vibrations. Since they tend to be more expensive, metal vibrators usually are highly durable with powerful, long-lasting motors.


However, being made of solid stainless steel, metal vibrators tend to be quite heavy and the rigid feel is a little too much for some. Also, they tend to have a very basic design with none of the special features you’d typically find in other toys.



Special features you might want

  1. Batteries, electric plug-in or rechargeable

A battery-powered vibrator is the most popular type as they’re cheaper and don’t need a special recharge device for charging. Rechargeable vibrators tend to be more expensive but their superior engineering often means they have the added benefit of being much quieter than the battery-powered one. Plug-in-powered vibrators are usually the most powerful vibes around but a power outlet will be needed, which means it will basically be used at home. And of course, they’re never waterproof.


  1. Waterproof credentials

Waterproof vibrators are great for use in the bathroom and are easy to clean. It’s been divided into two level what we called “splash-proof” and “submersible”. The first kind means that your vibrator is not waterproof but can be wiped with a damp cloth to clean it. And the submersible vibrators means that the toy can be used completely underwater. Some rechargeable toys are becoming increasingly popular due to their wireless charging technique, which means they could be completely submersible.

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