Anal sex is something that we’re always kinda curious about, and, full of questions with. Like everything new we would like to try, let’s discover what you should have for your naughty loving session.


Anal Beads

Slim and small, anal beads are the perfect starter toy for all your backdoor pleasure curiosities. Typical anal beads have a graduated bead shape where the first bead is the smallest and the last bead is the largest. This design isn’t just to make the toy look appealing: By having a line of spheres that gradually get bigger as you slide the toy deeper inside you, you can experiment with sizes and pop in one bead at a time at your own pace.


Anal Dildos and Tools

Specially designed for backdoor penetration, similar to regular which are commonly used for vaginal stimulation. For the more advanced beginner or the anal sex toy expert. Anal dildos are often specially shaped to stimulate the prostate gland in men and the sensitive back wall of the vagina on women. They also come with tapered heads for easier insertion.


Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are usually the first thing to come to mind when you think of anal toys. Their simple design and unique stimulation make them a firm favorite with beginners. They can be used to stretch the anus before enjoying something bigger, like an anal dildo or a penis. Also can be used for long-term stimulation and many people wear it while they do the daily activities. Some come with vibrating feature.


Inflatable Anal Toys

If you want a more minimalistic sex toy collection and want an all-in-one toy, try an inflatable anal butt plug. These butt plugs start out with their natural size but can expand in girth to give you more satisfying stretching sensations and fill you up with knee-buckling pleasure. An attached pump inflates the toy while it’s inside you so that you can feel the toy growing bigger, which delivers incredible sensations you won’t find with any other sex toy on the market. Some of these innovative anal intimate toys even have vibrator functions for extra naughty tingles for you to enjoy.


Animal Tail Toys

Small accessories to make your anal sex play get kinky. Featuring faux animal tails, such as fluffy bunny tails and long ponytails, on the ends of butt plugs and other anal sex toys. These fun toys can deliver exciting sensations to your sweet spot as long as to your partner’s eyes.


Anal sex is no longer a huge taboo in the sex world, to discover more of it and start your first naughty anal play with a right toy!

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