Anal play has a reputation as an adventurous technique, but today’s sex toys make it safe and easy to explore an area that’s rich in nerve endings for both men and women. It’s also a gateway to a major pleasure zone for men–the prostate gland. So prepare to discover an all-new breed of orgasm, one which is more intense than you have ever experienced. Let’s looking into top 10 common questions about anal sex.


  1. Is anal sex safe?

As for the anal sex, this can be the most important question. Anal sex can be safe or dangerous depending on how you perform it. To make it safe, you must always use protection to avoid STDs transmission and make sure your partner never switch from anal sex to vaginal sex before cleaning up or changing condoms because he can spread bacteria and cause you a vaginal infection.

Also, remember the anus was not designed for penetration; therefore, to make it safe, always make sure he uses lots of a good anal lubricant and goes very very slow and gentle with you.


  1. Is anal sex hurt?

This probably the most common anal sex question. Anal sex can hurt, but it should NOT hurt. Anal sex is uncomfortable for you at the beginning, especially the first few times, but other than that it shouldn’t hurt. If it hurts, you guys are doing something wrong.


You must first agree on having anal sex, and your partner should never attempt to penetrate you “by surprise” without your concern. It’s like any kind of sex, the more you’re relaxed, the easier the penetration, and the less discomfort you will feel.


  1. Can I get STD from anal sex?

Sure you can. Just as with vaginal sex or oral sex, if you don’t use protection you can get an STD, and getting something in this area of the body is harder to handle. So, always use a condom even if you are in a monogamous relationship.


  1. Are anal sex toys safe?

Using sex toys is safe as long as you use the proper ones in the proper way. Make sure you buy the toys made specifically for anal sex. These should have a wide, flared base or ring on the bottom that avoids the toy from sliding too far into the anus. Do the cleaning carefully before and after using then store it properly.


  1. What kind of anal sex toys is suited for a beginner?

There are many kinds of anal sex toys nowadays, which are not only different in how they look like, it’s also about the features. As for the beginners, anal beads should be your choice. They are a scintillating string of bead, it’s the simplest and most comfortable anal toy for beginners, the stimulating spheres typically graduate in size and are connected by a soft, flexible material. Although they deliver unique anal stimulation when worn, it is not this particular sensation that has got most people going wild. Oh no, that, my friends, is how it feels when the beads are removed at the point of climax. Play alone or with a friend and work your way up gradually to the bigger beads.


Last words

For more information about Anal sex toys, check this article.

Remember, you and your partner can absolutely enjoy the pleasurable world of anal sex, you just need to get informed, I mean both of you! So, make sure he reads the guide as well.

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