An App for you to find the Right Bra


app fo choosing bra

Have you still remembered that a part which is talking about Miranda is going to buy a black bra in order to attend her mother’s funeral in ? Under the shopkeeper’s recommended, she has realized that she is in the wrong size bra at least twenty years.

In such a special case, you should realize that to choose the right size bra is the most important thing for women.

app fo choosing bra

To help women find the best fit of the Perfect Bra, underwear brand Thirdlove Recently independently developed a matching underwear own mobile applications. It is reported that this app will be able to convert 2D images into 3D models, users simply wearing a camisole (inside basic models need to bust bottoming) stood before the mirror, placing the phone in front of the abdomen, and then the front and side indicator Shooting according to each one, the system will automatically calculate the exact size of the bust.

app fo choosing bra

When the user enters Thirdlove online store to choose a good style, Thirdlove orders according to the wishes of the buyer will be the size and color and other details set straps to be customized, as well as matching panties to choose from, plus personalized one-stop service customization, so that we can stay at home will be able to buy underwear, and bust size somewhere between the two friends cannot will.

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