sexy stocking

Stockings are tight-fitting elastic garments that cover both the feet and lower parts of the legs. From stockings are transparent, and light colored. The main purpose of the socks is an aesthetic one. They tend to make women’s clothes look more “put together” and professional.

There are many types of stockings in there. Some of the popular type is the net, scrub, thigh high, sandals, opaque, ultra-pure and full fashioned stockings.

Use stockings to make out the weaving cloth. Now, they are usually made out of silk, cotton, nylon or knitting wool. The word “socks” originated from “stock”, which means the lower leg, or “stump”. Stockings are very common, until 1959, when the pantyhose by Alan grant old invention because pantyhose do not need to be adjusted up stockings, many people began to wear pantyhose instead of.

Since stockings are often made of elastic and pure material, they have a tendency to run, it is easy to tear apart, and it is possible to put the wearer’s awkward and embarrassing situation, especially in the workplace. Higher quality and more expensive stockings, the opportunity, this should occur less. In addition, a lot of people note that the stockings are often running below the nylon stockings.

Stockings can have a greater impact on the legs. One major use of sexy stockings is to cover up unsightly skin conditions on the legs, such as spider veins, stretchmarks and even cellulite. If a woman wants to wear a skirt, let all the varicose veins in her legs can be a major deterrent. However, simple stockings can easily solve this problem.

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