I think this is the place where we can talk some girls’ stuff because I share my favorite lingerie in here! As you guys know, girls will get their period every month, and that is a trouble for every girl, of course, if the period is not coming, you will be afraid too. That is very embarrassing, isn’t it?

About the Period Cramps

Why do I want to talk about the period or not to share fashion lingerie as usual? Because I think when I am talking about my fashion lingerie, I should more care about women’s health! After we got our period then some my sweet girls may also got period cramps, so I want to share some ways which can let you get rid of period cramps.

Okay, the most familiar way for you, there is two ways, one is the hot water bottle and the other one is medication! As a girl, you should be very familiar with these two ways. So I am going to share some ways you may have not heard before.

The first way is doing Yoga. I would even go one step further and tell you to start stretching a week or so before you get your period so that you can prevent the issue from occurring rather than having to deal with the pain.

About the Period Cramps

The second way is drinking the camomile tea. Drinking this tea can relax your muscles and you start feeling great. So it can also relax your pain when you got your period!

The third way is detox and fiber. This way is beginning rom your body. Simple reason you should pay attention to the detox and fiber, health diet is very important for you to get rid of period cramps.

The fourth way is the one which I do not want you guys to do it! That is going on the pills. Some of us get really, really bad cramps. I know of someone who literally crawls up into a ball and cries from the pain. If you’re likes this, the pill may be a good option for you naturally, check with your doctor.

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