Here is what you should know if you are knew to sex;

·         Sex drive is pretty complex and is very much affected by our emotional and physical aspects.

·         Sex isn’t just for procreation, on the contrary, everyone involved in the act should and is supposed to enjoy the act.

·         STIs are pretty common and are treatable, if diagnosed early. So it’s pretty crucial that you are checked every now and then.  

sex drive

Let’s be honest here; were it not for sex, we wouldn’t be here. And even though sex is a crucial part of the human lifecycle, a lot of people out there still finds discussions on sex to be a taboo. Majority of the people in the entire planet learns about sex while at the puberty stage of their growing up. So, are you curious about sex and unsure on where to start? In this article, I have included the basics of what you should know before having or even thinking before engaging in coitus for the first time. The truth is, the sex education that is learned in school nowhere as accurate or applicable to the real thing. It might take you a while before you figure out what really works for you and what doesn’t, and also what you preferences are.

So, what is a sex drive, in actuality? Let’s start off by saying that our sexual pleasure and sex drive are affected by our psychology, physiology, societal expectations, and also the interactions these main domains. What’s more, our understanding of the female sexual anatomy is still limited and not that good. Birth control also affects your sex drive immensely. Therefore, if you are taking hormonal contraception, tracking the symptoms in clue will help you figure out the effects on your libido and you entire body in general. Generally, we can say that sex drive or libido is someone’s desire for sexual activity, and is affected by several factors.

When people think of sex, most of them usually think that orgasm is the ultimate way to achieve pleasure. For females, in particular, orgasm if seen as the proof for sexual success. What people fail to understand is that there are other ways in which you can experience pleasure other than having an orgasm. In a human body, there are many erogenous zones, which when stimulated they elicit certain sexual pleasures. In a woman’s body for instance, there are the nipples, the clit, the vagina and the inner thighs. When you stimulate these areas properly, the woman will for sure have the best time of their lives.

Lastly, with regards to the STIs, ensure that you are regularly checked, are mutually sexual exclusive and that you use protection. These are the best ways to avoid any STI while enjoying yourselves.   

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