A majority of women until now are unaware of how nipple’s massage really feels like. To people like these, I would like to inform you that nipples – just like the other sensitive areas such as clit and vagina – is very sensitive and it’s a very good source of sexual pleasure. Once you realize that your nipples are part of the erotic landscape that needs to be explored, I have listed a few tips to on how to stimulate them;

nipple massage

  • Know more about the nipple – every nipple is unique in its unique way, however, before you start massaging them, maybe it’s important you familiarize yourself with the basics of breast anatomy.
  • Nipples are basically more than nipples – to women, nipples and breasts can carry a lot of social and personal meaning. They are a part of the body that attracts unwanted attention as well as ridicule. Also, they are also focused on especially when it comes to health, fertility and sexual desirability. For these reasons, I thought that you should know more about your nipples before you even get to touch them. There are women who would easily let you touch their nipples but others wouldn’t even let you anywhere near them. So, if you are a beginner to nipples massage, or your woman is, maybe it’s important to find out what they really feel before moving on.
  • Take deep breathes before touching your nipples – instead of the aggressive nipple massage, maybe you should try the slow and gentle rubbing, especially for beginners. But first, ensure that your woman takes a deep breath and is relaxed, then maybe start blowing on it. One thing that you find out is that nipples are supper sensitive to touch as well as temperature. If you do this, you will notice that your partner’s nipples responding.
  • When massaging your partner’s nipple, begin with the whole breast first moving towards the nipple. Use a circular motion, and if you are using your fingers, splay your hand out gently across the entire breast so that by the time your fingers come together, they will be at the nipple. By massaging the area around the nipple, you will be creating more stimulation while zeroing on the main spot.
  • Use lips and tongue – with the idea of starting slow and building up in our minds, your lips and tongue can help a lot with that. Start by rubbing your lips against your partner’s nipples, then introduce your tongue. Play with the nipple using your tongue. This will for sure drive her insane.
  • Use your teeth a little bit – gently rubbing the nipple between your teeth can create stimulations that you never thought existed.
  • Nipples also responds to a little bit of pinching in a big way. Some women actually finds it super enjoyable when their nipples are pinched. But before you pinch your woman’s nipple, seek consent first, not all women likes it.


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