There are so many schools and niches it can be a daunting task, to pick the best underwear sometimes, right? Not anymore! Here’s our lowdown on sexy lingerie. Do you go with the simple classic look? What colors are men more attracted to? Should you throw in some accessories? These just a small part, we have to ask ourselves, we aimlessly browsing our favorite store lingerie section of many problems. It can be downright nerve racking, when you buy underwear for the first time on your partner.

There is no need to worry, this article will point you in the right direction, give you what secret.

#1. Classic lingerie
Classic underwear can be described as what satin or silk, and not too exposed. Solid white, black or red is often the “safe” color for the classic underwear.

types of lingerie

Want to Satin Vest and matching satin gown, long gown, bra and panties and set. If you are looking for an atmosphere that is set with a romantic candle and soft music, this will be a match for the underwear.

Classic lingerie makes a woman feel sexy and seductive without feeling or looking for a loose fear. It also has a naughty and nice background.

I mean, men tend to get started by the classic underwear, because you look good, but in the heart, he is hoping you have a naughty side.

#2. Stripper lingerie
When it comes to the stripper underwear this piece is not reasonable; the less, you have your heat. However, when it comes to colors there is a way to improve your sexual attraction. You need to remember the atmosphere.

types of lingerie

If you’re in your bedroom and are planning to do just the lights dance then stick to black and red, black and purple, or black and pink.

#3. BDSM lingerie
Simple explanation here: black leather. BDSM lingerie focuses on leather, spikes, and masks so this is what you need to look for if you want to recreate a scene from 50 Shades of Grey.

types of lingerie

#4. Raunchy lingerie

types of lingerie

#5. Special occasion lingerie

types of lingerie

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